Why Brainfield



The Beginning

A small group of analysts and the field team were given the opportunity to work on drug and pharmaceutical project data collection in the Thai market in 2005. The project’s backers are investors and entrepreneurs from faraway lands in Europe and North America, where Brainfield has been working on data for a long time.

Our Track Record

Brainfield worked on the business model analysis along with comparative studies. This included employing both quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques, to create a database and tracker that has both the role and power to make business decisions.

Our Expertise

Brainfield can also work in business analytics in a variety of industries such as Digital, Electronic and Alternative Energy, Aerospace and Defense, Security, Construction, and Real Estate, Life Science Industry,Food & Beverage, Game & E-sport, Transport & Logistic, Automotive & Electric Car, and Public Policy-level roadmaps Including the development of the creative economy and the assessment of economic impact for the MICE industry.

The Third Eye

Brainfield has several job opportunities. and serves as the third eye  for executives, decision-makers, and corporate strategists to see the future business direction more clearly. in terms of both policies and plans Strategic Plan, New Business Development, Feasibility Study, Product Evaluation, Market Opportunity Evaluation, Market Research Database, and Business Tracker Analysis of Customer and Sentiment Analysis of Analytics News Tracks Competitive Intelligence Consulting Services for Small and Large Businesses (Consultancy Service).

We Listened

The management and team at Brainfield are focused on listening to both the story and context of the customer’s business context, as well as being flexible (resilient) in combining techniques, methods, experience, and implementation. We focus on searching for data and studying insights both internally and externally data-driven to lead to customer solutions. Analytics should be prioritized, it provides us with a clearer picture and design introduces new business guidelines with industry stakeholders, using a professional team.

Our Value

Effective Communication
Personalized Solutions
Successful Implementation