Brainfield Leadership Advancement Program


Brand-New Specialized Data-Driven Program

Leadership Development Program

Executive Management/Senior Director preparing for a career in corporate management. This is a one-of-a-kind training created by a group of Brainfield consultants. As a result, the project is known as BLAP.

Having a track record of working effectively with CEOs, we are able to gain insights into the demands and challenges of executives wanting to advance or even transition from generation to generation. BLAP is a platform that uses the information from inside and outside organization.

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Individual courses are prepared based on the leadership analysis, or the organization’s unique courses. It’s a brand-new, specialized (tailor-made) data-driven product.

In-depth interviews (IDI), pain point analysis, searching for case studies that are directly relevant to business and learning from other businesses are all examples of methodical analysis and data assessment. Through Workshop and coaching approaches, it leads to optimal leadership development. It also leads to problem-solving or what leaders aim to achieve in terms of both short and long-term objectives.

BLAP serves as a foundation for executives to identify business solutions

BLAP can also serve as a foundation for executives to identify solutions or to start new businesses, in addition to the program’s special technical and curatorial approach, the context of the course with the individual characteristics (Personalized) will be designed to ensure the long-term viability of your company.